Hanalei Roberts grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii. She was awarded her Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology from the University of California at Berkeley.  Before starting graduate school she worked as a natural foods chef for healing retreats in Hawaii and New Zealand.

    Dr. Roberts earned her Naturopathic Doctorate at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. During her clinical training she completed a one year internship with Dr. Thom, ND, DDS in Biotherapeutic Drainage. While in school she interned at Outside In, a clinic that focuses on helping at-risk youth. In her practice she utilizes the best of modern medicine, while drawing upon the wisdom of ancient traditions. 

Continued education:

  • One year Botanical Medicine program with herbalist Mathew Wood
  • 100 hour course in Applied Kinesiology in Portland OR
  • Core Synchronism level 1 and 2 with Anne Hill in Portland OR
  • Functional medicine courses focusing on the thyroid, endocrine system, GI, and neurotransmitter health with Dr. Kharrazian DC  
  • Mentorship under Dr. Bruce Rind MD in Washington DC who specializes in thyroid conditions and the treatment of chronic lyme disease
  • The study of Ayurvedic, Hawaiian, and Anthroposophical traditions.

   Dr. Roberts is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in the state of Hawaii with a private practice in Kapaau and Waimea.  She addresses the underlying causes of disease and achieves this through individualized therapies which integrate the healing powers of body, mind, and spirit. She specializes in chronic conditions, autoimmune disorders,  naturopathic adjunctive oncology, GI disorders, and mental health conditions.

    Her modalities include clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, biotherapeutic drainage,  IV nutritional therapy, chelation, heavy metal detoxification, PRP prolotherapy, bioidentical hormone replacement, and low dose allergen (LDA) treatments.

  Dr. Roberts offers an array of functional laboratory testing including personalized Boston Heart lipid panels to assess your cardiovascular risk. Dr. Roberts also offers Quicksilver Scientific heavy metal and mercury Tritest panels. Common specialty labs she works with include: Doctors data,  Diagnostechs, Commonwealth labs, Oncoblot testing, Genova diagnostics, and US- Biotek food allergy testing.

     Dr. Roberts is an educator and regularly holds community lectures on natural medicine and healthy cooking.  She enjoys growing local food and spending time with her family on her homestead in North Kohala.